Clinical Data Interoperability at Misissippi Division of Medicaid presented by Ian Morris

October 16, 1:00pm, MDT - 2:00pm, MDT


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The Mississippi Division of Medicaid was the first Medicaid Agency to connect to provider health systems for real-time exchange of clinical summaries using the C-CDA standard. After connecting to four of the largest health systems in Mississippi, the Division of Medicaid is now connecting to three Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) for clinical data exchange.
This session will discuss the experience of Mississippi Medicaid in planning and building this program and will explore the impact of moving from clinical data exchange with provider trading partners to clinical data exchange with payers such as MCOs. The session will describe how clinical data exchange supports improvements in quality of care, lowers costs of care, and assists a Medicaid Agency in building a rich clinical data set for analytics and population health use-cases.
This webinar will cover:
  • The value of clinical data exchange between providers and payers.
  • Challenges payers face when they begin clinical data exchange.
  • Technologies used for clinical data exchange.
  • Legal and regulatory aspects that must be considered during planning of clinical data exchange.
  • Common misconceptions or mistakes that are made by organizations new to clinical data exchange.